Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mood Cycles

Now that I no longer have any hormones my moods seem to be controlled completely by weather and events in my life. 

Several cold damp days with little evidence of sun combined with yet more tax bills from Quebec have had the effect of turning me into a wretched couch potato.  Today the sun is streaming in through my windows and I feel much more energetic. As soon as I finish this post I intend to write some cheques and send them out, have a coffee with Rowboat Flo who is now back at the lake and feeding her feral cats herself again, and transplant some Mugo pines while the earth is still dampish enough to be easy to work.

During my doldrums I watched several movies.  Yesterday ... Alice in Wonderland and Son of Rambow, both kids' movies intended for adults, and ones that succeeded in raising my spirits.

Alice provided a swirl of colour that cut through the greyness.  And it was fun to fall into the madness of that world with Alice.  The other movie also celebrated the world of the imagination, this time a crazy colourful world concocted by two little boys whose everyday lives were as grey as my days have been this week.  In both films, the excitement of imagination wins out over the everyday dullness of a boring life.

I think I may be missing my funky furniture with all its bright colours.

So ... first the cheques, then the coffee, and then the pines ... but next, the first coat on Lily's high chair.  A bright happy yellow, I think.


Erin Kuhns said...

It sounds like it's time to paint at least one piece of funky furniture just for YOU. :)

(P.S. I can see why Alice would be uplifting for you while you're battling the grays and dullness of the weather...but I saw it a few months ago in theatres and I could never sit through it again! Better you than me. LOL!)

Oma said...

You need to visit and see the funky furniture that is just for me ... Claire's chair and the glass table in my garden especially ... it will be fun to do Lily's high chair.

It really was the colour and the madness in Alice that were special ... not sure I want to watch it over and over again.

But also the force of imagination in both those movies and in the one I borrowed from a friend (The Life of Henry Orient) that I am watching right now ... odd that all three movies are sending the same message!

Anyway come visit!