Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Tiny Glimpse of Heaven

Too busy teaching every day and gardening afterwards to blog, but here is what I look down on in the afternoon when things get a little less hectic.

Tomorrow is my last day on this assignment and I am looking forward to having some freedom.

Friends are coming tomorrow afternoon and bringing dinner ... what a lovely break!

Yesterday another old friend came for lunch and brought me a beautiful morning glory which is anxious to climb the deck.  When it has climbed a little higher  I will post a photo. 

I have realized that I planted too many zucchinis in all the wrong places ... and now have to transplant them before they take over. I am thinking of moving them to the grey water field area.  I just have a few tomatoes and some herbs there now so they will be a nice addition, and they can sprawl out to their hearts' content.


Barbara Carlson said...

Re sprawling 'take-over' plants: Denise Atkinson says she plans her cucumbers etc. right into a big bag of sheep manure. There is an odorless kind for $3.49 at Loblaws.

They grow well and if you want to move the plant, just move the bag! Brilliant.

Barbara Carlson said...

That is -- PLANTS (the seeds, actually) -- not plans.

Oma said...

What a great idea!

I have unearthed four zucchinis so far plus one nasturtium ... and have planted three of the zucchinis near the tomatoes that Flo gave me and taken a nasturtium and a zucchini to Flo. I suspect she will get another zucchini soon.

You all remember Rowboat Flo, right? She is the inveterate gardener in these parts.

Unfortunately she gave me a pot of flowers in return ... what kind? --- just red flowers that grow about a foot tall ... hmmmn!

So now i have to figure out what to do with these little seedlings ... as well as all the things I still have to thin and sort and find places for.

Every time I start a new garden patch I have to find ways to make it dog proof ... usually that means finding rocks that will set it apart from Kenya's normally free run places.

But I have to say I am loving this new stage of my life.

IrishGirl said...

One zucchini plant is too many, isn't it? *g*