Saturday, 19 June 2010

Still wobbly

Yesterday I received a free 1 1/2 hour massage that I had won without realizing I was even entered in a draw!

Afterwards I felt as relaxed and boneless as a jelly fish.  I ate dinner (prepared the day before) and fell into bed around 7 p.m. and awoke this morning at 6 as always.  I am still feeling relaxed and stress free.

An extra bonus came in the form of gardening advice.  The masseur is a gardener and has been since he was a little guy growing up on the farm.   He and his family almost never have to buy vegetables as they have a super cool cellar in their basement with three foot thick stone walls.

Here are some of Jan's gardening tips that I plan to try this year or next.

1.   Pepper plants like to grow close enough to touch their leaves.  (Mine do)

2.  They like to have a drink of epsom salts and water and will reward you with a bumper harvest.

3.  He (and now I) are going to try some upside down gardening next year.  You make a hole in the bottom of a pail and plant your cucumber or tomato or whatever seedling int the hole.  You line the hole with a slit coffee filter to keep the soil away from the plant's leaves and fruit.  You fill the pail with prepared soil and hang it plant side down wherever it makes sense.  I plan to hang some from the deck railing next year.

4.   He has also promised to share some of his seed from amazing tomatoes that create slices the size of a piece of bread with me for next season.

5.  He also told me about a tomato that is picked green in the fall and wrapped and kept in a cool place and delivers fresh home grown tomatoes until February.

So far today I have cooked up some rhubarb that Rowboat Flo gave me, thrown sticks for Kenya, weeded a bit, entertained the next door huskies and talked to their owner, and drunk some iced tea made from a variety of herbals ... green tea with pear and mint ...

When I complete this post I will check the lotto ticket I bought the other day (I almost never buy lotto tickets) and then I will take another glass of tea down to the garden and read.

Unless of course it turns out that I won ... and then I might go a little mad, do a frenetic little dance ... and then go down to the garden with my tea and my book.

I feel very lucky just now ... and still very wobbly ... When it warms up a bit I may spend the rest of my day floating around the lake.


Barbara Carlson said...

Massage releases endorphins - need I say more?
And watch your garden grow for you.

Oma said...

Yes, indeed ... and ... my son says that huge Cheshire cat smiles with crinkly eyes and the tongue behind the front teeth also release happy hormones. You have to practise this several times a day ... the effect is cumulative. He also tells me that thumping your breastbone twenty times in succession every so often causes the thalmus gland to release happy hormones too. I cannot find the word in my dictionary so not sure if I have spelled it correctly. But it can't be the thymus because men lose theirs when they hit puberty.

By the way, I checked my ticket ... and won ... a free ticket!

Have a happy weekend, Barbara.

Barbara Carlson said...

I've heard of the smiling effect on mood, as well as straightening one's shoulders at the same time.

Altho I'm pretty happy these days; something to do with aging I think. An evening out (not an evening OUT which is occasionally nice but not that critical) of the emotional dramas of youth.
As well, one can only stay upset for so long -- it just becomes boring.

Congrats on free ticket! May it be The One. Money's always useful.