Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Travel Books and Gardens

 am reading Laurie Gough's first travel book, Kite Strings.  It was written in her twenties and tells of her adventures in the southern hemisphere.  Much of it deals with living in Fiji which abundantly supports its society of food gatherers.  Laurie taught with me in June.  She has a second book out (which I will definitely buy) and she teaches a course in travel writing which I intend to take.  Her writing is remarkable ... on a par with Karen Connely's, Touch the Dragon, which won a GG for non-fiction the year it came out.  This is a book I would find hard to lend out in case it didn't come home.

My own garden is becoming Edenic in its fecundity too.  Here are some photos.

First the beans ... the vines ... no beans yet.

 Then the beefsteak tomato plant which has two tiny tomatoes so far.  This is one of them.

And the other tomato plant in the box which has five mini tomatoes so far:

And then there are the zucchinis. I am already eating from the first plant shown, but the other garden up by the house looks as if it will soon be feeding me too.

And then there are the nasturtiums which are wonderfully colourful and edible, and the herbs which are all madly producing far more than I can enjoy by myself despite my most heroic efforts.

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