Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kenya smells lovely and has a new identity ...

Kenya went to the groomer today while I taught a lesson on rhetorical devices ... a local woman who breeds horses and dogs and showed her animals for years.

The lesson went well and the groomer loved Kenya ... said she put her head on her lap and just relaxed almost the whole time.  She gave her a bag of her homemade natural doggy treats for being such a sweetie.

She thinks (judging by her coat and size) that Kenya is definitely Flat Coat Retriever ... but that the other bits and pieces are Australian Shepherd and Akita.  The Akita is a big dog;  the females go around Kenya's weight, and the males up to 120 pounds.  And, like Kenya,  they have very dense double coats that keep them waterproof.  The Australian Shepherd and the Akita both carry the blue eyed gene, and the Australian Shepherd would account for the brindling on her legs.

This is Kenya's second professional grooming in 4 1/2 years ... of course I comb her pretty regularly and she has one of those outer coats that is silky and sheds debris easily.  The groomer was impressed by how healthy she is and how good she looks.

I am enjoying teaching but I am glad to have a three day weekend. Enjoy your weekend.

Oh ... this evening I ate a salad that was almost completely from my own garden ... only the tomato was bought.  It was made up of leaf lettuce, arugula, and a sampling of every herb I am growing.


Barbara Carlson said...

Kenya is such a lovely dog. I do enjoy everything you write about her.

And a salad of your "own" making as it were, and so soon! Don't you find eating organically you can feel the nutrition seeping into your body as you eat it? and very little of it seems to fill you up?

Oma said...

I agree that we eat less of the real food with the vibrant flavours. I think it is because we want to savour every morsel.

IrishGirl said...

Kenya is such a cutie.

The salad sounds delicious. How wonderful this early. Tomatoes are my favourite food so we have about 20 plants on the go. Last year was terrible for them but this year is going really well so far.