Friday, 14 May 2010

An Eclectic Post

We are concluding the taste test of the Tasty Treats today.  The fishy breath was just an aberration ... maybe Kenya caught a fish that day and ate it ... after all she caught a mouse in a neighbour's garden  this week.  So ... the nubbly little Tasty Treats were a success ... clean breath and customer satisfaction.  Stay tuned for the next treat on the list tomorrow.

Today is a busy day ... Jim is coming to make my square foot gardening box this morning at eight,  and Dan is bringing Remi to stay for a few days a little later this morning.  Then I have to make a town run after that to shop at Costco for groceries and a new kettle.  If I continue to use a pot and wander off and forget it for much longer I will burn the house down.  And now is not the time to do that!

I will try to use up the Crunch'n'Cleans on Remi while he is here.  I have offered them to Kenya occasionally this week and she just leaves them lying wherever I have put them.  Too bad because I had a whole box of those whereas I have sample sized amounts of all the others.


Barbara Carlson said...

I told stories of your Kenya last night at a dinner party to much laughter and wonder. I praised your blog and when asked what it was about, I said, "Life."

Glad you are back posting.
For some reason two of the your posts suddenly showed up, along with one of my Comments which refused to load before. Odd. O well, better late and all that.

(I don't like foil on stained glass work. It looks cheap and flimsy to me. Maybe it was just used poorly...)

Oma said...

Thank you for your words. ;) (And for anyone not in on the in-joke ... I really do appreciate those words.)

I prefer the leaded glass too ... but I think it really depends on the piece and the skill level of the glass worker. A window with no exposed edges can be done very well using the copper foil, especially if the person on the other end of the soldering iron is competent.

Exposed edges are a different thing altogether.

I made a hanging lamp shade whose bottom scallopy edge was foil wrapped. Years later, it broke, and I had it repaired by someone far more expert than I was/am, and I see now that that edge is looking cheap and raggedy despite the fact that she did a good job.