Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Natural defense to the Rescue

It is stinking hot here ... even here ... and Kenya and I have both been swimming as much as possible this afternoon.  Now I have the dehumidifier on downstairs and a fan blowing 26 degree air around upstairs.

I was happily ensconced on my bed reading  a novel ... after doing some obligatory reading for tomorrow's lesson ... when Kenya set up a frantic howl and headed up the road to the mountain.  The last time she behaved like that she ended up with $300 worth of porcupine quills in her face.

I took off after her, barefoot, a Natural Defense bone in my hand ... I waved it around and told her I had something very special for her  ... and ... she turned her back on whatever she was chasing and came back to the house like a docile lamb.

The last time we were in that situation I used every wile I knew ... including raw beef ... nothing worked like this magic just did.

Congratulations, Natural Defense.

We are almost at the end of the trial ... just the breath tests left ... To be honest I don't really notice a difference in her breath ... but I will pay close attention and report.  What is absolutely clear though, is that both she and Remi thought these treats were to die for.


Erin Kuhns said...

Thank God it wasn't a porcupine!!

Barbara, your garden is looking so amazing!

I've been wrapped up in my own gardening, but after today I will be able to breathe slightly easier, as I'm putting the rest of the irrigation in today.

I still have my long-neglected flower beds to clean out, but I think that'll be a summer-long project. All this to say that I'm looking forward to a visit with you SOON, I promise!! :)

IrishGirl said...

Wow. Good for Natural Defense. I will make sure to look for it this weekend.