Thursday, 20 May 2010

If I get enough energy back ...

If I do find the energy again, I will post photos of my progess.  In the meantime words will have to suffice.

I completed the box with cedar and filled it with mixed soil.  Then I planted a real combination of things ... at the back the climbers ... zucchinii, cucumbers and pole beans.  In front, bush beans, both green and yellow, and sugar snap peas.Then I planted the rest of the nasturtiums in the tree trunks,  took a great big breath, and considered how to start the rock gardens of herbs.

When I had my courage up I began ... and five hours later had 8 different herbs planted in and around the big rock area.

Then I went in for a swim ... well I started to ... I waded up to my knees and splashed icy cold water all over myself.  I don't know how Kenya stands it ... probably the same way she and Sadie stay cool while Remi has to come in from the sun.  They have thick insulating coats.

I discovered that I have to shade the basil and the lettuce from the strongest sun ... used my mosquito pullover today but have to find a better way.  Some kind of movable screen I think.

It is an experience ... I have told you already that I am not a gardener, right?



Barbara Carlson said...

Basil likes sand mixed in with its soil.

PLUS you can't put two different kinds of basil near eathother -- one will destroy the other. I'm told.

Oma said...

I didn't know that. Thank you. I am considering planting the basil in a different location altogether. The stone garden (the zany zen) is very hot and the heat reflects off the light cut stone. Coupled with shallow beds it likely is not hte place for basil at all.

Maybe in a second planter?

Maybe up along the edge of the grey water field?

In either case I will give the soil a shot of sand ... and won't grow a different type nearby.

I have some ginger mint that I plan to plant along the edge of the grey water field. So far I have a lavender from last year, and a chive from last year ... and they are thriving despite the fact that it is not at all sunny there.

Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you.