Monday, 24 May 2010

The Queen's Birthday

I find it odd that we Canadians celebrate the birthday of a monarch few of us care much about ... but nice that we do so by digging our fingers into warm soil, attempting to create gardens in our too short summers.

This summer promises to be the longest we've ever had ... or at least the longest I remember.

Nice that this is the one I decided to start gardening.

I have a to-do list for the garden that includes working away at the weeds in the gravel a little each day.  I figure a week to clean up the zany zen garden and then it will simply be upkeep.  Yeah, I know ... simply.  Nothing is ever simple.

My next big job (besides teaching for the next two weeks) is to finally get at the rest of the windows.  That is a job that I may have to call in help to accomplish.  But we will see.

Odin and Mark came on Saturday and took away a truckload of wood remains.  They will be back (with extra muscle) to move the old wood stove that is spoiling my view of the lake, and to complete the rest of the clean-up ... before the end of the month they have promised.  This is a really busy time of year for Odin's newly established company.

Remi is going home this evening.  His people miss him.  Kenya will be lonely when he goes.  So will Sadie.  Remi and Sadie play tag team wrestling, both of them ganging up on Kenya.  It is fun to watch.  She is remarkably patient with these two ... probably because she thinks of them as hers.  I will miss his warm body in bed every night ... but I won't miss the extra sand and laundry that result from an extra dog that paddles or swims in the lake and then trucks through earth before coming into the house.

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