Sunday, 16 May 2010

White Bites by Arm and Hammer, the Baking Soda People

I am cutting the testing of this one short ... not because Kenya hates them or because they are causing any bad side effects ... but because the sample I have is intended for a very small dog and the texture is so hard that I am afraid Kenya might swallow one whole and, like the Tasty Treats, this could cause a blockage.

Kenya chewed the Tasty Treats more than she does these little white bones with blue speckles.

She eats this one in the oddest way.  First she sucks the whole thing into her mouth and then slides it out.  It is a little like watching a kid eat a popsicle.  After doing this a few times she is drooling all over the carpet on which she is lying.  She finally starts to chew and the White Bite disappears far too quickly to have been properly masticated.

The ingredient list for this one is fairly innocuous:

wheat gluten
soy protein
rice flour
soium caseinate
calcium carbonate
titanium dioxide
potassium sorbate
sodium alginate
FD&C Blue #1
Baking Soda

So ... no more tiny White Bites.  She is going to start the fourth one tomorrow. 

And I am going back to filling my square foot garden with black earth, sheep manure and vermiculite ... and stopping every hour to rub linament on my aching haunch.

I will post photos of this lovely box soon!


Barbara Carlson said...

I just discovered how to put up a Profile of myself --
if you click on my name (above) it will show some stuff (for those who don't know me as Barbara does).

Because I just discovered 76 people tried to find out.

The treat business must be profitable for so many brands to give it a try.

Square Foot Garden sounds a tad small...ha.

Oma said...

Just one manufacturer is doing the taste test ... and wants comparative data for advertising, I guess. But yes, I am sure the treat business is very profitable. We do love our puppies! And almost all the training schools advocate using treats for rewards.

As for the square foot garden, it is actually a huge sandbox type of structure 4 feet by 4 feet and 3 feet high at the front (the lower end) and a little less at the back. So far I have mixed and poured in 19 bags of black soil, almost an entire enormous bag of vermiculite and three bags of sheep manure. And it is only filled up to withing 6 inches of the top!!! I am quitting there because it gets great sun and my son, the square food gardener, has told me I can quit. Tomorrow I will start planting, I think.

Barbara Carlson said...

Your SFG sounds great. Easier to work, being higher.
And you don't have a problem with the borders. Using rubber tubing to me is so UG-lee!

I indoor started 6 runner bean seeds and only 3 came up. Two of them rotted in the soil; couldn't even FIND the 6th. I must have watered them too much...?

I planted 5 more (outside) and they are at 15 days and zip. WTF?

8 more are in the ground, but am not hopeful.