Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gardening is stalled ...

Odin, the young man who is supposed to clean the property, may come today since it is supposed to rain ... or snow.  It is a good day to evaluate the job.

I have to call  Jim and see when he is going to come to build the box(es).

This weekend I will likely test-drive the glass painting equipment I bought at Michael's ... and wait to do all the outdoor parts of the job when the temperature rises again and we are not expecting precipitation of either type.

What strange weather ... from summer to winter in a week ...

I have been feeling ill since Wednesday ... tummy troubles ... not sure whether my water, my holding tank, my diet, or my aging body is to blame ... but I had to cancel an engagement last night ... one I was really looking forward to ... dinner with friends followed by a modern dance performance at the Shenkman Centre.  I was all cleaned up and dressed in nice clothes, even wearing jewelry ... and due to leave within the half hour ... when I realized with absolute certainty that this was a mistake.

My plans for this next while are being downsized to match my energy levels, the weather, and the whims and other commitments of the people I need to help.

BUT ... the garden has to be ready soon to receive my birthday gift to myself ... a garden fireplace and barbecue ... one of the round fairly flat ones ... it will nestle into the rocky gravel of the zany zen garden beautifully, I think.   I told them I would pick it up in two weeks.

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Barbara Carlson said...

Perhaps your gippy tummy is from the smell of a briefly-open bag of the Crunch'nClean junk.

Sounds loathsome. Trust a dog to reject badness.
I'd say the trial was over.