Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Quick and Dirty

I have mixed more soil mix, planted the impatiens in a chicken wire and perforated green garbage bag dish in the old well, moved the lumber Leonard and I are transporting to Jim's place, arranged for transport, finished planting the square foot garden ... and am about to fly to have the box for climbers created.

Remi took off with his Natural defense bone ... upstairs ... just in case Kenya might be interested in his ... Usually he just drops and crunches into treats.  This time, after assuring himself he was safe from interruption, he did as Kenya does, held it between his paws and munched away slowly.

Must run now ... today will be another digging and planting day with the occasional break to apply linament and throw a stick into the lake for Kenya and a tennis ball for Remi.  He is really funny when we play this way ... gets VERY excited every time Kenya jumps in to swim after a stick ... comes and tells me and forces me to watch everything she does.  Yesterday he let me throw a ball in the water and was willing after much cautionary procrastination to swim two strokes to get it.  He is a sweet boy but not a water dog.


Barbara Carlson said...

If you want to watch a touching video of man and an gorilla, see this. It reduced me to tears.

Barbara Carlson said...

Sounds like Natural Defense is the winner, eh?
Two out of two dogs like it v. much. Think it's a real bone I bet.