Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Kenya has a job ...

Of course, Kenya often has a job ... after all we dog sit here and she knows the rules and passes them on  ... not always graciously, I might add.  And Dan's puppy, Sadie, has some rules to learn when she visits ... specifically not to scratch with muddy paws on my doors and windows.

But now Kenya has another real job, one that she was sought out to do.

We have been asked to do some taste and breath testing on four different brands of oral hygiene treats.

Her current favourite ... the one she gets every morning ... and the one I can always retrieve her with ... because she LOVES them,  is DENTISTIX,  which is not part of the test.

She will be testing four treats as soon as they are delivered: one week per type ... and we will report on her desire for the treat, the effect on her teeth/tartar ...and her breath ... which incidentally, with Dentistix, is lovely.

Here they are ... stay tuned ...

-          Natural Defense Oral Health Treats
-          Iams Tartar Treats
-          Arm & Hammer White Bites
-          Harts Crunch + Clean



deb said...

How did she get this job as a treat tester?

Oma said...

Someone involved in the research and advertising department of one of the companies read our blog and asked if we were interested.

Barbara Carlson said...

Have you tasted them, or at least sucked them?

I bet they are very hard to chew with the untrustworthy teeth of humans.

Oma said...

They haven't arrived yet (coming by courier) but I hadn't planned to share them with her. I use a tooth brush and floss!