Saturday, 8 May 2010

On finding cookies everywhere ...

I am afraid that this day will tell whether Kenya continues to test the Crunch'nClean.  She seems to have gone on strike. 

First thing this morning I asked whether she wanted her cookie or whether she wanted to go out and pee first.  She made it clear that the front door was her goal ... not the treasure trove of treats above her crate.  When she came back in out of the damp cold I offered her the treat.  She allowed it to fall to the floor.  I played her game where she has to let a treat sit on her paw till she is told to take it.  She picked it up in her mouth and I went off to make tea.  Later I discovered it sitting on the floor and Kenya sat looking longingly at her food dish.

I fed her and she ate her breakfast ravenously ... as if kibble and yogurt was the best possible taste in the world.  The Crunch'nClean  lay on the floor nearby.  Rejected.

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