Sunday, 23 May 2010

May 24 Weekend

This has to be some kind of record ... 33 degrees on the 24th!!!

I have changed my header photo to reflect the reality of this wondrous spring ... and my first real garden ...  but I will have to wait for Tammy to make it look good.

My radishes have started to sprout and I can harvest lettuce and herbs of all kinds now.

Today the neighbours are having parties and Kenya, Remi and Sadie have been playing in the water all day. The Alaskan Sled Dog came over and attacked Kenya ... and Kenya never backs down so there was a rumble.  I hauled Kenya off and crated her, and Juno's dad was pissed off  and sent him home with his son.  All the nice dogs just kept on playing outdoors.

Then I went and had lunch with Carlos, and after I returned Kenya was let off suspension and has been good ever since.

I planted lemon balm from Tom, and more basil from the store and also winter savoury and thyme today.  Someone has to stop me or I am going to be following in Rowboat Flo's footsteps ...I am going to have a garden (gardens) that will consume me and enslave me!

Tomorrow Sarah is coming out for the afternoon and will take Remi home with her. I think he misses his family ... but Sadie and Kenya have been good stand-ins for the duration.

I kind of hope that this summery spring is not an aberration but a harbinger of springs to come!

Happy May 24th to all of you, especially the gardeners.


Barbara Carlson said...

At this point of your garden, with only a little green poking up, I can see you standing (from where you too the pic) and saying, always takes so long to get a good bushy/eatable garden. Then it all tips and there is suddenly TOO MUCH!

All this heat is hard on new plants who don't have a good root system yet. I end up covering some of them in the hot heat of the day. Get ready to be a garden mommy...

Oma said...

Garden Mommy ... yes ... I like that ... and it is exactly what I half fear! How do gardeners get away with no babysitters or day care centres for respite?

Barbara Carlson said...

They fret.