Sunday, 2 May 2010

Spring is here ...

Yesterday I began one of my favourite warm weather weekend occupations ... garage saling.  A good friend tells me I am crazy not to want more money ... not to want great luxury when I travel or entertain myself ... can't believe that I honestly have more fun my way. 

I spent a lovely sociable morning starting with a garage sale where I bought nothing but chatted about inconsequential things like the warmth of the day. 

Then I spent $2.50 across the road where I bought four tiny floral boxes for my lavender crop, a lovely deep turquoise glass bottle for a single flower for my bathroom, and a sky blue bottle painted in a nautical theme in which to serve water with outdoor meals.  They threw in a small brass milk jug for my collection.  All for $2.50! 

Next I moseyed on down to the Anglican Church sale where I bought a gardening knife, a DVD and a book by a local author for  $1.50.  There I had a long chat with the old gentleman at the cash about something I had read about using garage sale serrated knives for cutting roots and dividing plants.  He told me that the same knife I had just bought sold for over $20 when it was called a gardening knife. 

Outside, a very elderly lady was selling house plants and perennials and enthusiastically dispensing free gardening advice with every purchase. I bought a healthy ivy plant for $6 and learned that old fashioned hairpins are excellent for encouraging plants to send their roots into the soil. 

Imagine!  A whole morning filled with happiness and treasures for $10!

On the gardening front ... my zen garden is becoming more zany than zen ... but Kenya lies on the hilltop each evening for hours contemplating the solar lights that change colour ... and I hope to spend a lot of time reading, writing and reflecting ... as I drink wine in the evenings ... once the black flies die off.


IrishGirl said...

I never used to miss a weekend garage saling. I keep thinking I'd like to get back to it. You never know what treasures you might find. And I'm an avid gardener.Love that you were given traditional gardening advice. That is priceless. Your day sounds perfect to me.

Barbara Carlson said...

Elegiac post.
Your new objects sound lovely. Very You.

Who needs cruises? My idea of hell, actually. A bunch of bored tourists laying about like larvae. You are not crazy to not want more money, your good friend is.